Denroku Mame: A Classic Japanese Peanut Snack

When Japanese people think of wagashi peanut snacks, I think many will bring to mind Denroku Mame (でん六豆).

In its name, Mame (豆) means bean in Japanese, while Denroku (でん六) is the name of a confectionery company whose head office is in Yamagata City, Japan.

Denroku Mame (でん六豆)

Denroku Mame

As you can guess from the above, Denroku Mame (105 g) (Price: 166 yen/ about 1.3 USD) is the company Denroku’s signature product. It is a peanut snack similar in appearance to green peas.

Denroku Mame Peanuts

Denroku Mame is a long-selling product introduced in 1956. The treat gained tremendous popularity after its release, and now, it has become one of the best and most loved peanut snacks in Japan.

Although these treats look like green peas, they are not. They have a peanut in the green-colored puffed snack partially coated with white sugar icing.

Denroku Mame Inside

The outer puff is crispy with a gentle sweetness, while the peanut inside is savory with a pleasant crunchiness. Because of that, you will never get tired of eating it.

What is better, in addition to being made with galactooligosaccharides that are good for the stomach, the Denroku Mame peanut even contains plenty of calcium and iron.


Denroku Mame Ingredients

Based on the ingredients list on the back of the bag,

the Denroku Mame bean consists of peanut, sugar, wheat flour, Kanbaiko (processed glutinous rice powder), starch, rice flour, salt, galactooligosaccharides, leavening agent, calcium carbonate, color (Cape jasmine), and iron pyrophosphate.

Where to buy

Denroku Mame Peanut Snacks

Denroku Mame is one of the most famous peanut snacks in Japan, as mentioned above. So it is available in many supermarkets around the country.


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