How to Make Dried Natto Snack using Microwave Oven

“Natto (納豆)” is a well recognized Japanese superfood packed with nutrients. But despite that, many people can’t eat the fermented soybeans because of its stringy, slimy consistency.

Natto Fermented Soybeans

For those people, there is a recommended way to eat Natto beans. Actually in Japan, Natto is also available in a dried snack form and the traditional soy snack is called “Hoshi Natto (干し納豆)“.

In recent years, the Japanese dried Natto snack can be bought even on online shopping sites outside Japan, so you might have already tried it.

Dried Natto Snack Recipe using Microwave Oven

Even if not, and if you can get regular fresh Natto beans around where you live, actually you can easily make the dried Natto snack using a microwave oven.

Today I made the dried Natto snack following the directions of this recipe from Rakuten, which I share this time with photos.

By the way, according to this Japanese site, Nattokinaze contained in Natto beans, which is effective in preventing thrombus formation, is weak to heat.

Therefore when you cook Natto beans with a microwave oven, you couldn’t expect health benefits from Nattokinaze. However, even in that case, you can take other nutrients. 

Besides, as you can see in the video, the dried Natto snack I introduce today is pleasantly crispy and very savory.

So even if you don’t like regular sticky Natto beans, you will definitely like the dried Natto snack. In addition, the Natto snack will also be a nice treat for your children. 

(Note that cooking fresh Natto beans with the microwave oven results in generating a strong odor characteristic of Natto)


1 Put the soy sauce that comes with the Natto pack into the pack
2 Stir the fermented soybeans lightly with chopsticks 
3 Transfer the Natto beans to a large plate and separate each bean 
4 Microwave the Natto beans at 500W for 4 minutes 
5 Take the cooked Natto beans out from the microwave oven and stir lightly
6 Microwave the Natto beans again for 1 minute or 2 
7 Dried Natto Beans Enjoy the dried Natto snack!


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