Kadoya Goma Abura: Best Japanese Sesame Oil

Kadoya Goma Abura is Japan’s best and most loved sesame oil and has been a household staple for decades. Plus, it’s been highly regarded overseas in recent years.

Kadoya Sesame Oil

Kadoya Goma Abura Sesame Oil

Goma Abura (ごま油) means sesame oil in Japanese, and Kadoya Goma Abura is sesame oil produced and sold by Kadoya Sesame Mills Inc.

The company started its business in 1858 on Shodoshima Island in Kagawa Prefecture, and now, its head office lies in Shinagawa Ward, Tokyo.

However, since its foundation in 1858, the maker has continued to produce its sesame oil on Shodoshima Island.


Kadoya Sesame Oil Ingredients

This purely extracted sesame oil my family is using is from CGC Japan but manufactured by Kadoya only using carefully selected sesame seeds.


Kadoya Japanese Sesame Oil

Kadoya produces sesame oil through distinctive processes, which makes its taste robust and smell pleasantly aromatic.


Nissin Demae Iccho Ramen and Kadoya Sesame Oil

Because of its excellent flavor, professional Japanese chefs favor this cooking oil and use it even as a secret seasoning.

As shown by the Nissin Demae Iccho ramen, sesame oil goes well with soy sauce-based ramen, and Calbee, too, likes this and uses it for their potato chips.

Calbee Norishio Goma Abura Flavor Potato Chips using Kadoya Sesame Oil

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