Boba Gummies: 2 Types of Tapioca Milk Tea Gummy Candy

I have been in the fan club of Perfume for eight years.

Seven days after I first purchased the CD single, Spring of Life, I joined their fan club, for their music and dance performances instantly grabbed my heart.

Today after I watched their Youtube Live for fans, I went out to a nearby 7-Eleven store to buy Tapioca Milk Tea, as they mentioned in the live broadcast, and I, too, had a craving.

Japanese Bubble Milk Tea Gummies

Tapioca Milk Tea Gummies and Boba Kokuto Latte

As a result, in addition to a cup of Kokuto (黒糖: brown raw sugar) boba latte, I picked up two newly-released bubble milk tea-flavor gummies that drew my interest

The orange package is from UHA Mikakuto, Kogumi Tapioca Milk Tea & Fruit Tea Mix, while the yellow ocher is Tapioca Milk Tea Gummy from Kreet.

Japanese Tapioca Milk Tea Gummy Candies

Here in Japan, bubble tea has become a fad over the last few years, and nowadays, it also comes in candies.

As you can see in the photos, these Japanese boba gummies have different features, and here, let’s take a close look at them to compare.

Japanese Tapioca Milk Tea Gummy Candy

First, made with tapioca starch, the black boba gummy from Kreet has a milk tea flavor worked into the candy on its own.

On the other hand, the Kogumi candy recreates the taste of boba milk tea by combining two different gummies; the light yellow one has a milk tea flavor, and the brown one has a Kokuto flavor.

Bubble Milk Tea Gummy Candies

Containing tapioca starch, the colorful Kogumi is as yummy as the black boba gummy, but it has a tough texture compared to the latter.

Eating Kogumi’s two gummies together makes you feel the taste like boba milk tea, but Kreet’s black boba gummy is soft and closer to actual tapioca balls.

Ingredients/Nutrition Facts

Last, for your information, I leave the ingredients/nutrition facts labels of the two types of boba gummies.


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