Nissin UFO Cheese Yakisoba Instant Noodle with Thick Sauce

Yesterday when I went shopping at a supermarket near my house, in the instant noodle section I came across a newly released instant Yakisoba from Nissin, and I was attracted to that, for it featured my favorite food, cheese.

Cheese Yakisoba Noodles from Nissin U.F.O Series 

Nissin UFO Cheese Yakisoba

The name of the Japanese instant noodle I bought this time is “Nissin U.F.O Cheese Yakisoba (Nissin UFO チーズ焼きそば)” with “Koi-Koi (Thick-Thick) Sauce (濃い濃いソース)”.

Yes, it is from one of the most popular instant Yakisoba series in Japan, Nissin’s UFO line, and it was released nationwide on May 18. 

Actually, this was the first time in my life I ate cheese-flavored Yakisoba, since both in my house and in Japanese restaurants Yakisoba is usually flavored with Japanese-style Worcester sauce or salt, and it doesn’t contain any cheese.

But for that, I was attracted to this instant Yakisoba. I bought it for about 200 yen (about 2 USD) and this instant noodle is a limited time offer.


Nissin UFO Cheese Yakisoba Contents

In the Yakisoba container, there were the dried wheat noodle block and the green and blue flavor packets, and as garnishes it only contained tiny bits of carrot.

The green packet contained a cheese-flavored sauce for the base of the noodle dish, while the blue packet contained a thick brown sauce used as a finishing touch.


Nissin UFO Cheese Yakisoba Instant Noodles Cooking Instructions

As you can see in the photo, the cooking method of this instant Yakisoba is basically the same as that of the regular UFO Sauce Yakisoba I introduced before. They are different only in that this cheese Yakisoba has a finishing brown sauce.


Nissin U.F.O. Cheese Yakisoba Noodles

This is the finished cheese Yakisoba. It looks like spaghetti carbonara except for the brown sauce and in fact the noodle dish was more on the Italian carbonara side rather than the Japanese Yakisoba side. 

Cheese Yakisoba Noodles

Nonetheless, it was so delicious. The base cheese sauce was cheddar cheese based, mild yet very rich in taste, and I couldn’t find any Yakisoba elements in it. Instead, the thick-thick brown sauce was sweet and tasted like the addicting Yakisoba sauce for the regular UFO Sauce Yakisoba.

Ingredients and Nutrition Facts 

Nissin UFO Cheese Yakisoba Noodles Ingredients

Nissin UFO Cheese Yakisoba Noodles Nutrition Facts

Lastly, according the ingredient list, the base sauce of this instant Yakisoba consists of liquid seasoning, dairy products, cheese, soy sauce, vegetable fat and oil, salt, sugars, processed cheese, cheese flavoring, flavoring, and cheese powder.

Based on the nutrition facts, the Nissin UFO Cheese Yakisoba noodle (110 g) has 481 kcal and contains 5.1 g salt equivalents.


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