Meiji Almond Chocolate 2020 Limited Edition

The roasted almond coated in a layer of milk chocolate, Almond Chocolate, or Almond Choco is one of the most loved sweets in Japan, which comes in 3 popular products.

One is Almond Chocolate from Ezaki Glico, released in 1958, another by Lotte, released in 1983, and the last is what I bought today, Meiji’s Almond Chocolate that went on the market in 1962.

Meiji Almond Chocolate 

Meiji Almond Chocolate with 2020 Limited Design

This is a limited-time edition of Meiji Almond Chocolate, which has a design associated with The Olympic Games Tokyo 2020. 

But the contents are the same as usual. In the box, there are 21 small pieces of egg-like shiny chocolate balls.


The description on the back of the box says that the almond used in the chocolate ball is selected by stricter standards than the ones defined by the United States Department of Agriculture (U.S.D.A).

Meiji Almond Chocolate

In fact, the roasted almond inside is fresh and has a delightful crunch that makes you satisfied.

Meanwhile, the chocolate covering is quite milky and not overly sweet, making a perfect combination with the savory almond filling.

Because of the great taste and texture, Meiji Almond Chocolate has been a long-time favorite in Japan.

Ingredients and Calories

Meiji Almond Chocolate Ingredients

Meiji Almond Chocolae Nutrition Facts

Lastly, let’s see the specific ingredients and nutrition facts of this Japanese treat.

Based on the labels, with 500 kcal per box (88 grams), the Meiji Almond Chocolate consists of sugar, almond, whole milk powder, cacao mass, vegetable fat, cocoa butter, milk sugar, reduced starch syrup, lecithin, flavoring, and glazing agent.


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