Fujiya’s long-selling Nectar Peach Juice

Fujiya is a long-established Japanese food company well known for its mascot character “Peko Chan (ペコちゃん)”, which is associated with their signature milk candy “Milky (ミルキー)

The product Milky was introduced by Fujiya in 1951 and now has become one of the most beloved milk candies in Japan.

In addition to that, Fujiya actually has one more thing that has long been loved by people of all generations, which I purchased this time from a vending machine for 100 yen (about 1 USD).

Fujiya Nectar Peach

Fujiya Nectar Can

What I introduce here is the canned peach juice shown in the picture above, named “Fujiya Nectar (不二家 ネクター)”, which was released in 1964 and now is enjoyed by many people.

Fujiya Nectar Peach Juice

As you might already know, the type of beverage called “Nectar” generally refers to non-carbonated soft drinks made by muddling the flesh of fruits,

and in Japan, in terms of apple and peach, only non-carbonated soft drinks containing over 30 percent of the fruit pulp can adopt the word Nectar in their name.

Fujiya Nectar Peach Juice 2

That is why this beverage Fujiya Nectar contains 30 percent peach pulp. Made with white peach puree, the Japanese nectar drink is thick, mellow, and smooth, giving your taste buds an absolute delight and never letting you down.

Ingredients and Calories

Fujiya Nectar Peach Juice Ingredients

Fujiya Nectar Peach Juice Nutrition Facts Calories Label

Incidentally, other than peach pulp and juice, the Fujiya Nectar Peach drink contains sugars (high fructose corn syrup, sugar), acidifier, flavoring, and vitamin C. And the calories per can (350 grams) are 160 kcal.

(Reference Page: Wikipedia ネクター )


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