How to Make Japanese Oil Noodles with Taberu Rayu

When you hear Japanese oil noodles, you might think that the dish is greasy or oily. But what I introduce here, “Abura Soba (油そば)”, literally meaning “oil noodles” in Japanese, is not oily but rather a savory, delicious noodle dish.

Abura Soba (油そば)

Abura Soba is a bowl of soupless ramen typically flavored with sesame oil and soy sauce-based sauce that has gained popularity in recent years.

Such seasonings as sesame oil are placed beneath the noodles, so before eating, you need to mix all the ingredients well to coat the noodles with the liquid.

In Japan, Abura Soba is available in instant noodles form and currently comes in a number of products, including this Sanyo Shokuhin’s instant Abura Soba featuring Momoya’s Taberu Rayu.

Taberu Rayu (食べるラー油: chili oil for eating)” is a relatively new type of Japanese chili oil typically containing crunchy fried garlic and onions.

Momoya Taberu Rayu Garlic Chili Oil

The condiment became a fad in 2009 thanks to Momoya’s Taberu Rayu named “辛そうで辛くない少し辛いラー油”.

The Taberu Rayu is a not spicy, very savory garlic chili oil that goes well with almost any dish, including noodle dishes, like Abura Soba and pasta dishes.

Sanyo Abura Soba Instant Noodles with Japanese Chili Oil with Crunchy Fried Garlic

Instant Abura Soba is usually cooked like this, and the base sauce and toppings of this one actually use Taberu Rayu.

By the way, in terms of taste, this instant Abura Soba noodle with Taberu Rayu chili oil was very aromatic and flavorful, making me so satisfied.

How to Make Oil Noodles using Taberu Rayu 

I know that it’s difficult to get instant Abura Soba like this outside of Japan. But for those of you who somehow want to give it a try with Taberu Rayu, here let me share some tips.

As I wrote in this article before, you can easily make Abura Soba from any packaged instant ramen, even if you are not in Japan.

So first, check that article. Then, make Abura Soba following the instructions, and lastly, add as much Taberu Rayu as you like to the noodles.

The Japanese chili oil with crunchy fried garlic Taberu Rayu will make a great pair with any Abura Soba noodle!


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