Nissin Tokyo Noodles Ginza Kagari Instant Ramen

Although for the past several months I have been to ramen restaurants only several times due to the coronavirus pandemic, on the way home from work when I stop by a 7 Eleven convenience store and head to its instant ramen section, as usual almost every week I find newly released cup noodles on the shelves. 

Actually, when I come across interesting cup ramen in the store, I sometimes buy them and stock up on in my room for the blog article, out of which today I will introduce one that was introduced recently by Nissin. 

Nissin Tokyo Noodles Ginza Kagari Tori-Paitan Soba

Nissin Ginza Kagari Tori-Paitan Soba

What I introduce this time, the instant ramen from Nissin “Tokyo Noodles Ginza Kagari Tori-Paitan Soba (東京Noodles 銀座 篝 鶏白湯 Soba)” was released nationwide on May 11 in Japan, and its suggested retail price is 228 yen (about 2.2 USD).

For the unfamiliar, “Ginza Kagari (銀座 篝)” is a highly regarded, popular ramen restaurant in Ginza, Tokyo, that was opened in 2013, and its signature ramen is “Tori-Paitan (鶏白湯)” Soba.

So this cup ramen was created by Nissin with the help of the ramen restaurant Ginza Kagari and beautifully recreates the taste of the Kagari’s signature ramen Tori-Paitan Soba.

By the way, Tori-Paitan is a thick, creamy chicken broth made by slow-cooking a whole chicken or chicken bones until melted, while the Soba in this case derives from Chuka Soba or Shina Soba, synonyms for ramen.


As often seen in recent Japanese cup ramen, a special flavor sachet is attached to the top lid of this cup ramen, and it contains special chicken oil called “Chi-yu (鶏油)”, which is a seasoning oil favored by chefs of famous ramen restaurants in Japan.

As with Nissin Cup Noodles, the soup base powder and dried garnishes in the cup are mixed in with the dried noodle block, and the garnish consists of bits of eggs, seasoned chicken, green onions, and red bell peppers.


As you can guess from the above, the cooking of this cup ramen isn’t that complicated; Pour boiling water, wait for 5 minutes with the flavor sachet placed on top of the cup, add in the special Chi-yu chicken oil, and stir well. 


Nissin Ginza Kagari Instant Ramen

Nissin Ginza Kagari Tori-Paitan Soba Instatn Noodles

The thick, rich Tori-Paitan broth looks like corn potage soup and in fact tastes very close to that, but of course the corn potage like taste comes not from corn kernels, but from chicken. It is very creamy and full of umami flavor of chicken. The wheat noodles were also pleasantly chewy. 

Ingredients and Nutrition Facts

Nissin Ginza Kagari Tori-Paitan Soba Instant Ramen Ingredients

Nissin Ginza Kagari Tori-Paitan Soba Instant Ramen Nutrition Facts

Lastly, according to the ingredient list, the soup base of this cup ramen consists of lard, chicken seasoning, salt, creaming powder, chicken fat, starch, sugars, and emulsified oil and fat.

Based on the nutrition facts, the Nissin Ginza Kagari instant ramen has 391 kcal per one serving (97 g) and contains 6.8 g salt equivalents.


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