Anko Butter from Kuze Fuku Shoten

Recently, I got a jar of butter from Kuze Fuku Shoten in the market of a Mujirushi Ryohin.

To those who know little about Japanese food, I think the butter is quite unique because its base ingredient is chunky sweet Azuki red bean paste called “Anko (餡子)” or “An (餡)”.

Anko Butter

Anko Butter from Kuze Fuku Shoten

I’m a Japanese born and raised in Japan and know both the taste of Anko and butter, but this is the first time I bought the combination product, An (Anko) Butter.


Anko Butter

Kuze Fuku An (Anko) Butter Ingredients and Nutrition Facts

So first, I saw the ingredient list on the side of the jar. According to that, the first ingredient in the butter is “Tsubu An (粒あん)” or chunky red bean paste.

And the other ingredients include starch syrup, butter, sugar, salt, agar (Kanten), and sweetener (sorbitol).

Roughly speaking, it could be said that the Anko Butter is a mix of sweet red bean paste and melted butter thickened with agar.


Kuze Fuku Anko Butter

I ate a pancake with the Anko Butter from Kuze Fuku, which was better than other Anko-butter mixtures as I expected.

But as Ogura Toast, a specialty of Nagoya, proves, I think just a simple mixture of Anko and butter is good enough for toast and pancake.


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