Glico Giant Cone Ice Cream from Japan

Today, on the way home from work, I stopped by a supermarket and bought an ice cream product named Glico Giant Cone.

The product from Glico, Giant Cone is actually related to Giant Caplico, a chocolate cone snack also from Glico that I introduced the other day.

Glico Giant Cone Ice Cream

Glico Giant Cone

Glico Giant Cone Ice Cream

The un-meltable chocolate snack just like this ice cream cone, Ginat Caplico went on the market in 1970.

Meanwhile, this real ice cream cone that melts in your mouth, Glico Giant Cone (Price: 140 yen/ about 1.3 USD) was introduced in 1978.

Unlike Giant Caplico, this Giant Cone ice cream is topped with a thin milk chocolate plate on which crunchy candied peanut bits are scattered.

As you can see in the photo above, even inside the wafer cone, a thin crispy layer of chocolate is coated.

The ice cream part is actually classified as ice milk, and it contains less milk fat than ordinary ice cream.

The ice milk is refreshing enough to calm the sweetness of the chocolate parts.

The bottom part of the wafer cone is filled with unfrozen rich chocolate cream. So until the very end, the Giant Cone Ice Cream keeps you happy!

Ingredients and Calories

Glico Giant Cone Ice Cream Ingredients and Nutrition Facts

Lastly, here are the ingredients and nutrition facts label of the Glico Giant Cone ice cream.

According to that, this Japanese treat has 280 kcal and contains 0.1 g salt equivalents. 


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