Shio Azuki Ame: Anko Red Bean Paste Filled Salt Candy

The other day, I introduced Japanese salt candies and tablets to prevent heatstroke in the hot summer months. In fact, in recent years in Japan, such salt-contained sweet treats have become a kind of fad and are available in many varieties.

Actually, yesterday when I went to a supermarket to buy foodstuffs, an “Ame (飴: hard candy)” product from UHA Mikakuto of that kind drew my interest again, because it appears to have a very Japanese taste that couldn’t be seen in countries other than Japan.

Shio Azuki Ame Hard Candy from UHA Mikakuto

UHA Mikakuto Shio Azuki Ame

As a result, for the blog article, I grabbed and bought the “Shio Azuki Ame (塩あずき飴)” shown in the photo above. As “Shio (塩)” means “salt” in Japanese, “Azuki (あずき, 小豆)” is a species of red bean, and “Ame (飴)” is the Japanese word for hard candy, this bag contains individually packed salt Azuki candies.

Shio Azuki Salt Red Bean Hard Candy

This is the Azuki red bean candy containing a little salt. According to the description on the back of the package, the salt content is not only useful to replenish salts lost by sweating in the summertime but also enhances the refined sweetness of the Azuki candy.

In the red bean hard candy, undried, juicy sweet Azuki red bean paste or “Anko (餡子)” is filled so that with the single piece you can enjoy two different tastes of Japanese Azuki sweets at a time. 

Shio Azuki Candy with Anko Red Bean Paste

The overall taste of this Anko-filled salt candy is well-balanced, for the saltiness is muted, rather makes the Ame a more aromatic deep-tasting sweet treat, and the sweetened red bean paste filling inside will definitely delight Wagashi lovers who love a very Japanese taste.

Ingredients and Nutrition Facts

UHA Shio Azuki Red Bean Candy Ingredients

UHA Shio Azuki Red Bean Candy Nutrition Facts

Lastly, according to the pictured ingredient list and nutrition facts, consisting mainly of starch syrup, sugar, raw black sugar called “Kokuto (黒糖)”, high fructose corn syrup, Azuki red bean powder, processed Kokuto, Azuki red beans, salt, kombu seaweed extract, and starch, a single piece of the Azuki candy has about 19 kcal and contains 0.6 g salt equivalents per 100 grams. 



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