Morinaga Milk Cocoa: Enjoy Japan’s Best Hot Chocolate

I prefer coffee to hot chocolate, but sometimes enjoy the cocoa drink made with the Morinaga Milk Cocoa powder at breakfast. In fact, the product from Morinaga Seika Confectionery has been a staple in my house for a long time and my family actually loves it.

Morinaga Milk Cocoa

Morinaga Milk Cocoa

The product, Morinaga Milk Cocoa was introduced in 1919, celebrated its 100th-anniversary last year, and today has become the No.1 most beloved instant hot chocolate brand in Japan.

Since the first release in 1919, Morinaga has supplemented the original variety with sister products such as “Cocoa 70”, “Pure Cocoa”, and “Senobi”, and today when Japanese hear cocoa, many will be reminded of such Morinaga’s products. 

How to Enjoy

Morinaga Milk Cocoa Powder

How to Drink Morinaga Milk Cocoa

My favorite way to drink the hot chocolate from Morinaga Milk Cocoa is with milk. According to the directions above, the maker recommends making the cocoa drink with about 20 grams of the cocoa powder and 120 ml of hot heated milk.   

If you want to enjoy the original taste of the Japanese cocoa, just dissolve about 24 grams of the cocoa powder in about 120 ml of hot water.

Of course, the cocoa drink can also be served iced, in which case, first pour about 20 ml of cold water or milk into a glass with about 24 grams of the cocoa powder in it and stir well. Then, add more 120 ml of cold water or cold milk.

Taste and Nutrients

The hot milk chocolate made using the Morinaga Milk Cocoa powder is mild with a rich taste of cacao to it and very delicious, really easy to drink. It is a wholesome beverage packed with dietary fibers (1.3 g per one cup) and polyphenols (200 mg per one cup), so Japanese moms like to serve it to their children.


Morinaga Milk Cocoa Ingredients and Nutrition Facts

Lastly, for those of you who are interested in the ingredients and nutrition facts, here is the label. According to that, with 77 kcal per 20 grams, the Morinaga Milk Cocoa powder consists of sugar, cocoa powder (22 to 24 percent cocoa butter), dextrose, skim milk powder, milk sugar, creaming powder, maltose, whole milk powder, cacao mass, salt, flavoring, pH adjuster, and emulsifier.


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