Japanese Worcester Sauce: Types and Definitions

According to the official website of the Ministry of Agriculture, there are 3 different varieties of brown sauce that are classified into Worcester sauce types in Japan, which are “Worcester Sauce (ウスターソース)”, “Chuno Sauce (中濃ソース)”, and “Noko Sauce (濃厚ソース)”.

3 Types of Japanese Worcester Sauce

They are classified by definitions, so according to them, today I will give you an overview of each of the 3 Japanese Worcester sauces, “Worcester Sauce (ウスターソース)”, “Chuno Sauce (中濃ソース)”, and “Noko Sauce (濃厚ソース)”. 

By the way, they are similar sauces and can be used interchangeably according to your preference. One primary reason for that is they can be made with the same ingredients. 

Actually, the main ingredients that can be used in the 3 types of Japanese Worcester sauce are set by law and they are vegetables and fruits, sugars, honey, brewed vinegar, salt, spices, seasoning, alcohol, and starch.

Now, let’s see the characteristics and definitions of each brown sauce. Firstly, Worcester Sauce.

Worcester Sauce (ウスターソース)

Bull-Dog Worcester Sauce

Worcester Sauce is a smooth brown sauce whose viscosity is less than 0.2 Pa·s. The sauce contains more than 10 percent vegetables/fruits and its salt content is 11 percent or less. This Japanese brown sauce is characterized by its moderate spiciness.

Chuno Sauce (中濃ソース)

Bull-Dog Chuno Sauce Ingredients

As its name indicates, Chuno Sauce, literally Medium Thick Sauce, is something like a cross between Worcester Sauce and Noko Sauce (literally Thick Sauce) whose viscosity is 0.2 Pa·s or more but less than 2.0 Pa·s. The sauce contains more than 15 percent vegetables/fruits and its salt content is 10 percent or less

Noko Sauce (濃厚ソース)

Bull-Dog Tonkatsu Sauce

As its name indicates, Noko Sauce is a thick brown sauce whose viscosity is 2.0 Pa·s or more. The Japanese Worcester sauce contains more than 20 percent vegetables/fruits and its salt content is 9 percent or less. This brown sauce is characterized by its sweet, rich, fruity taste.

In Noko Sauce, Tonkatsu Sauce, Okonomi-Yaki Sauce (Okonomi Sauce), and Takoyaki Sauce are included. If you want to know the difference between these 3 types of Noko Sauce, the 2 articles, this and this, will help.


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