Gyunyu, Coffee Gyunyu, or Ichigo Milk? in Sento

Today on the way home from work, I stopped by a public bathhouse or “Sento (銭湯)” and enjoyed bathing. After getting out of the bathroom and putting on my clothes, I thought I wanted to drink something cold. 

Traditionally, in Sento bathhouses, chilled glass bottles of “Gyunyu (牛乳)” or milk and “Coffee Gyunyu (コーヒー牛乳)” or coffee with milk are sold in a showcase cooler and many people like to drink them after getting out of the bath.

In modern times, in addition to them, there are also vending machines near the resting place selling various kinds of canned drinks and tea PET bottles.

Suntory Ichigo Milk Canned Drink

Suntory Ichigo Milk

In Sento, I prefer a glass bottle of Coffee Gyunyu or coffee with milk to Gyunyu or milk and sometimes choose it, but I like the long-selling “Ichigo Milk (いちごミルク: strawberry milk)” can (190 g) from Suntory the best if it is sold.

Not every Sento doesn’t have it, but the Suntory’s canned strawberry milk was available for 130 yen (about 1.2 USD) in a vending machine in the bathhouse where I went today.

Suntory Ichigo Milk

The classic Ichigo Milk drink has a rich taste of milk and contains as much as 94 mg of calcium per 100 grams. Its strawberry flavor is not overpowering but mild, well-balanced with the milk.

The taste of the strawberry-flavored milk beverage brings back memories of the Ichigo Milk I used to make for myself as a kid by mixing milk, strawberries, and sugar in a blender, but the Suntory Ichigo Milk only consists of liquid and is smooth.

Chilled Glass Bottles of Coffee Gyunyu

If you have a chance to visit a Sento bathhouse someday in Japan, I first want you to try the Coffee Gyunyu after getting out of the bath, but if the Sento also sells the Suntory Ichigo Milk can, I’ll recommend sampling it first and foremost!

Ingredients and Nutrition Facts

Suntory Ichigo Milk Ingredients

Suntory Ichigo Milk Nutrition Facts

Lastly, for those of you who are interested in the ingredients and nutrition facts, here are the lists. According to that, with 63 kcal per 100 grams, the Suntory Ichigo Milk beverage consists of milk, dairy product, sugar, strawberry juice (1 %), flavoring, baking soda, cochineal extract, emulsifier, calcium lactate, and vitamin D.


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