Morinaga Fizzy Ramune Hi-Chew Chewing Candy

Morinaga Seika is a leading Japanese confectionery company founded in 1899 and their signature soft chewy candy “Hi-Chew (ハイチュウ)”, first released in 1975, is not only loved by people in Japan but the fruit chew has now also gained wide popularity outside of Japan.

The chewing candy Morinaga Hi-Chew is available in many fruit flavors but the other day I came across a non-fruit variety called “Ramune Hi-Chew (ラムネ ハイチュウ)” at my go-to 7 Eleven convenience store, which grabbed my interest, and as a result, I picked it up.

Fizzy Ramune Hi-Chew

Morinaga Ramune Hi-Chew

This is that Ramune Hi-Chew, which actually is a Hi-Chew combined with a traditional Japanese sugar candy called “Ramune (ラムネ)“. Made basically from sugar, starch, and citric acid, Ramune is a small tablet-shaped candy featuring its chalky texture and refreshing slight fizz.

Morinaga Ramune Fizzy Soda Candy

In Japan, many confectionery companies are producing Ramune, but among those, Morinaga’s Ramune Soda Candy, introduced in 1973, is most loved. The fizzy sugar candy comes in a plastic bottle shaped like the glass bottle of the Ramune soda drink, which is illustrated on the package of this Ramune Hi-Chew.


Morinaga Ramune Hi Chew Candy

Morinaga Ramune Hi-Chew is made up of 2 flavors, Ramune Soda flavor, and Blue Hawaii flavor, and the candy is individually wrapped in a blue wrapper with a refreshing feel. Unlike regular Hi-Chew, these Ramune Hi-Chew have an uneven shape, in which tiny white Ramune bits are embedded. 


Morinaga Chewing Candy Ramune Hi Chew

These Ramune Hi-Chew have refreshing soda flavors and are so good! When chewing the candy, the Ramune bits inside melt, and refreshing juiciness spreads throughout the mouth. I don’t know this fizzy Hi-Chew is available outside of Japan, but this is undoubtedly a Hi-Chew worth a try if you can somehow get it.


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