Wasabi Chazuke: Rice Soup with Japanese Horseradish

When it comes to Japanese condiments for rice, the rice seasoning Furikake is quite well-recognized overseas and nowadays various varieties can be bought online outside of Japan.

But have you ever heard that there is one more classic rice condiment that has long been loved in Japan? which is similar to Furikake and is called “Ochazuke no Moto”.

Ochazuke no Moto literally means the base of Ochazuke, which is basically a hot bowl of rice that’s been soaked in tea.

The tea-steeped rice is usually topped with salty or savory food, like Umeboshi or grilled salmon flakes, but Ochazuke no Mono contains all ingredients you need to prepare for making Ochazuke, like what I introduce here.

Wasabi Chazuke

Tamaruya Hon Wasabi Chazuke

Ochazuke is sometimes called simply Chazuke, and what I bought this time “Wasabi Chazuke no Moto” contains pungent Japanese horseradish as its main flavoring in addition to umami ingredients such as seafood extract, powdered soy sauce, amino acids, and pork seasoning.

How to Make

Wasabi Ochazuke Soup Base Powder

How to make Wasabi Chazuke? It is actually very straightforward; prepare a hot bowl of white rice, sprinkle one packet of the Wasabi Chazuke no Moto soup base powder over it, and just pour boiling water.


Wasabi Chazuke Rice Soup

The taste of the resultant rice soup is umami or dashi-rich and close to that of Japanese Kombucha (kelp tea) rather than green tea. Incidentally, the garnish is made up of Arare rice crackers, shredded nori (seaweed laver), and wasabi (Japanese horseradish) bits.

Wasabi Japanese Horseradish Ochazuke Rice Soup

The rice soup with Japanese horseradish is very tasty with a little bit of kick from wasabi and worth a try if you are a Furikake lover. 

Nagatanien Ochazuke Nori Seasoning 

Nagatanien Ochazuke

The Wasabi Chazuke no Moto I have now is probably not available outside of Japan, but Japan’s top-selling Ochazuke no Moto “Nagatanien Ochazuke Nori” can be bought.

As I wrote in this article, with the soup base powder from Nagatanien, you can easily make Wasabi Chazuke by adding in wasabi paste after making Ochazuke from the flakes and hot water.

Ochazuke is one of the most loved comfort foods in Japan, so if you are interested, why not give it a try? It is very easy to make if you use Ochazuke no Moto and yummy!


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