Pureral Gummy: Kabaya’s Popular Fruit Gummy Candy

In Japan, gummy candy is available in many varieties and can often be found near the checkout counter of convenience stores. Each Japanese gummy has its own distinctive features that set itself apart from the counterparts, and what I introduce here “Pureral Gummy (ピュアラルグミ)” from Kabaya is also among them.

Kabaya Pureral Gummy Candy

Kabaya Pureral Gummy Grape and Apple Flavors

Kabaya Pureral Gummies Grape and Apple Flavors

Introduced in 2004, Pureral Gummy is a signature fruit gummy candy of Kabaya Foods. Nowadays, not only can you see it lined up on the shelves at convenience stores in Japan, but the Japanese treat seems to be also being sold online outside of Japan.


Kabaya Pureral Gummy Candies

In the name, the word Pureral is actually a portmanteau word made by combining “pure” and “natural”, and these fruit gummies consist of 2 parts with different textures and tastes. As you can see in the photo, the cut surfaces are beautiful and look like gemstones.


According to the article “ピュアラルグミ” on Japanese Wikipedia, the opaque white part contains some air in it and is soft and fluffy, while the transparent jelly-like part, which is associated with some fruit, contains real fruit juice and has a jiggly texture. 


Pureral Gummy Candy Grape and Apple Flavors from Kabaya

As for the taste, the outer cloudy white gummy candy has a subtle fruit flavor and is milky, somewhat sugary, while the inner jelly-like gummy has a much more fruity taste, which makes a good harmony with the milky taste of the exterior. Yes, the overall taste is pretty good!


As of today, Kabaya Pureral Gummy comes in 3 flavors, apple, grape, and strawberry. By the way, in the photo above, the purple one is the grape flavor and the yellow one is the apple flavor.

Ingredients and Calories

Kabaya Pureral Gummy Grape and Apple Flavors Ingredients and Nutrition Facts

Lastly, for people who want to know the ingredients and nutrition facts, here are the labels. According to that, with 188 kcal per one bag (58 grams), the Kabaya Pureral Gummy Candy mainly consists of sugar, starch syrup, maltose, gelatin, concentrated fruit juice (grape/apple), sorbitol, trehalose, acidifier, processed starch, calcium lactate, sodium alginate, pectin, and colors.


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