What exactly is Soft Cream?

When you hear Soft Cream, what comes to your mind first? I guess many would probably bring to mind a gob of whipped cream.

The word Soft Cream is commonly used in Japan, and we often enjoy the sweet during the summertime.

But it isn’t softly whipped cream.

Soft Cream (ソフトクリーム)

Japanese Soft Cream

For the unfamiliar, Soft Cream (ソフトクリーム) is a Japanese coined word for soft-serve ice cream.

You might think it strange, but the English word soft-serve doesn’t make sense in Japan, for most people don’t know its meaning.

Soft Cream is a Japanese-English word coined by the founder of Nissei, a Japanese soft-serve ice cream machine manufacturer.

He made the word soft-serve ice cream easy to understand and remember for Japanese people.

Because of that, Soft Cream has become the Japanese word for the sweet today.


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