Lotte’s new type of Fusen no Mi Gum for Adults

A new type of Japanese treat where chewing bubble gum and gummy candy come at the same time, Lotte Otona no Fusen no Mi Gum is now in my hands. This time, I bought the grape flavor at a convenience store.

Otona no Fusen no Mi Gum from Lotte

Lotte Otona no Fusen no Mi Chewing Gum Juicy Grape Flavor

Introduced by Lotte in March of last year (2020), Otona no Fusen no Mi Gum is the Fusen no Mi Gum for adults, as “Otona (大人)” is the Japanese word for adults. But, of course, children can enjoy the chewing gum as well.

I guess one primary reason why the name of this product includes the word Otona is simply that the original Fusen no Mi Gum is meant for kids. 

By the way, “Fusen (ふーせん, 風船)” literally means balloon in Japanese, but I’d say here it stands for Fusen Gum or bubble gum, while the word “Mi (実)” refers to a fruit or seed.


Lotte Fusen no Mi Gum Grape

The regular Fusen no Mi Gum for children only comes in blueberry flavor, but the Otona no Fusen no Mi Gum for adults is currently available in 2 flavors, spicy cola, and this juicy grape flavor.


First of all, as its name indicate, this grape flavor is literally very juicy and fruity. Besides, since the center of this treat is filled with jelly-like gummy candy, you can enjoy 2 different textures and tastes at the same time in one. 

What is more, after enjoying the gum, using the enclosed sticky notes, without getting your hands dirty, you can remove it from the mouth.

Lotte Fusen no Mi Chewing Bubble Gum Juicy Grape Flavor

Although this is the first time I tried this fusen gum, it was really delicious and made me fully satisfied.

Ingredients and Nutrition Facts

Lotte Otona no Fusen no Mi Chewing Gum Juicy Grape Flavor Ingredients and Nutrition Facts

Lastly, for people who want to know the ingredients and nutrition facts, here is the label. According to that, the Japanese chewing bubble gum, Lotte Otona no Fusen no Mi Gum has 76 kcal per one bag (26 grams).


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