Nissin Cup Noodle Shkmeruli Flavor Instant Ramen

Nissin released an interesting Cup Noodle on January 18 (2021).

This time, the ramen is a collaboration product with Matsuya, one of Japan’s largest gyudon restaurant chains,

and it beautifully recreates the taste of the Shkmeruli Nabe (hot pot) served in Matsuya.

Nissin Cup Noodle Matsuya Shkmeruli Nabe Flavor

Nissin & Matsuya Collab Shkmeruli Hot Pot Instant Cup Noodle

Although I haven’t tried it yet, Shkmeruli is originally a traditional Georgian dish of chicken cooked in a garlic milk sauce,

which Matsuya altered to suit Japanese tastes and developed the Shkmeruli hot pot.

According to the official site of Matsuya, their Shkmeruli Nabe (Price: 790 yen) comes with a plate of vegetable salad and bowls of rice and miso soup.

Meanwhile, this Cup Noodle from Nissin is a limited-time offer, and its suggested retail price is 228 yen.

The cup consists of soup base powder and dehydrated garnishes mixed with a dried noodle block.

The toppings are seasoned chicken, cabbage, mock cheese, and carrots.


Since the cup has no flavor packet attached to it, the cooking of this ramen is as usual;

Pour boiling water, close the lid, and wait for 3 minutes.


Nissin Shkmeruli Hot Pot Instant Noodle

Once I removed the lid, a tantalizing garlic aroma instantly wafted out.

The broth is like a white stew, but not that thick and lightly seasoned. It was very flavorful and moderately garlicky.

Overall, the soup tasted so good that (after I finished eating the noodles) I added white rice to the cup and enjoyed it as a risotto.


Based on the ingredient list on the side of the cup,

the soup base consists of lard, garlic, onion, pepper, parsley, celery, sugars, salt, creaming powder, starch, cheese powder, dairy products, wheat, powdered soy sauce, chicken seasoning, and butter oil.

Nissin Shkmeruli Hot Pot Instant Noodle Ingredients


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