I tried Kit Kat McFlurry from McDonald’s Japan

Once in a while, I have a craving for McDonald’s hamburger, and in fact today, I used its drive-through service for the first time in a while.

When I was waiting for my turn to order, I found 2 limited-time flavors of McFlurry on the menu, Kit Kat, and “Cho (超: Super)” Oreo, and was attracted to the former item.

McFlurry Kitkat 

Kitkat McFlurry

Actually, the Mcflurry Kitkat was released for a limited time last winter too, but this is the first time I tried it. Yes, I bought one after all with a hamburger combo, and the item cost me 290 yen (about 2.8 USD).

In the cup, a swirl of soft-serve ice cream mixed with finely crushed Nestle Kit Kat bars is further dressed with a special sweet sauce using couverture chocolate. 


McDonald's Japan Kit Kat McFlurry

The vanilla bean ice cream is very smooth and milky, while the tiny Kit Kat pieces are chocolatey and have a nice crunchy bite like bits of cookies, probably because of the wafer part of the Kit Kat bar.

Further, the rich and sweet couverture chocolate sauce adds extra deliciousness to the ice cream, making it an absolute delight. In fact, the Mcflurry Kitkat ice cream was so good and lived up to its reputation.


Incidentally, based on the official website of McDonald’s Japan, a cup of the Mcflurry Kit Kat weighs 163 grams on average and has 331 kcal.



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