Nissin Buta Raoh: A Bowl of Jiro-Kei Instant Ramen

In January of this year, I bought a bowl of instant ramen “Nissin Buta Raoh (日清 豚ラ王)” that intrigued me when shopping at a supermarket, but until today it was in my instant noodle stock waiting for the turn to be eaten.

Nissin Buta Raoh (日清 豚ラ王)

Nissin Buta Raoh

The instant noodle soup, Nissin Buta Raoh (Suggested Retail Price: 368 yen, or about 3.5 USD) was first debuted in January 2020 as a limited-time offer, but was featured by various media outlets and became a popular topic on SNS. This is why, this year too, it came into the market on January 4th.

In its name, “Buta (豚)” is the Japanese word for pork and this Nissin Raoh instant ramen recreates the impactful addictive taste of a kind of “Jiro-Kei Ramen (二郎系ラーメン)”.

What is Jiro-Kei Ramen?

A Bowl of Jiro-Kei Ramen

For the unfamiliar, Jiro-Kei Ramen is the umbrella term for ramens that were inspired by or created emulating the ramen offered by “Ramen Jiro (ラーメン二郎)“. 

The main characteristics of Jiro-Kei Ramen are

  • the noodles are very thick like udon,
  • the broth is soy sauce based with lots of pork back fat and umami of pork,
  • the Chashu roast pork is thickly sliced and called Buta,
  • the main toppings are plenty of boiled cabbage and bean sprouts, 
  • and the chopped garlic adds the soup a punch 


Nissin Buta Raoh Contents

Nissin Buta Raoh Dried Garnishes and Noodles

To get back to the main subject, the contents of this Nissin Buta Raoh instant ramen can be seen in the photo above. The noodles are quite thick, while the garnish consists of plenty of cabbage and a thick slice of Charshu pork. 

The pink packet contains a liquid soup base and the yellow packet contains pork back fat, which is added to the soup as a finishing touch after the noodles are cooked. 


Nissin Buta Raoh Instant Ramen with Pork Back Fat

Nissin Buta Raoh Jiro-Kei Instant Ramen

As for the taste, the broth is neither that garlicky nor too greasy but is packed with the delicious umami of pork, while the noodles are thick and firm, which can give you satisfaction. The overall noodle soup pretty well recreates a bowl of Jiro-Kei Ramen and is of a quite high level.

Ingredients and Nutrition Facts

Nissin Buta Raoh Ingredients List

Lastly, for people who are curious about the ingredients and nutrition facts, here are the labels. Based on that, the soup base of the Nissin Buta Raoh instant ramen consists of soy sauce, pork lard, pork extract, spices, bean sprout seasoning oil, protein hydrolysate, salt, and sugars. The calories per serving (136 grams) are 486 kcal.


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  1. Besimple says:

    I’m curious, is the Chashu dehydrated as well? I’ve purchased instant noodles with dehydrated Kakiage and they’re pretty good.

    • Tomo says:

      Thanks for commenting!
      Yes, it is. The Chashu is steeped in boiling water with the dried noodle block and other dried garnishes and rehydrated. The resulting meat is pretty good but almost always spongy compared to normal Chashu.

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