Japanese Words: Meanings of Ama-Tou and Kara-Tou

Actually, I’m more of an “Ama-Tou (甘党)” than a “Kara-Tou (辛党)”. But do you know what I mean? 

Meanings of Amatou and Karatou

Some Japanese may talk to you like this about food and drink preferences. But what do the Japanese terms “Amatou (甘党)” and “Karatou (辛党)” stand for? This article will explain the meanings.

Amatou (甘党)

Amatou a sweet tooth

First off, Amatou (pronunciation) is the Japanese term for “sweet tooth”. In its word, “Ama (甘)” refers to sweets, while “Tou (党)” literally means party or group. So Ama-Tou literally means one is a member of the group that loves sweets.

Karatou (辛党)

Karatou who loves to drink

In contrast, in the term Karatou (pronunciation), “Kara (辛)”, literally referring to spicy things, is the antonym for “Ama (甘)”.

In modern times, Karatou usually represents people who love to drink alcohol rather than eating confections or sweets, but in some cases, the word may literally refer to people who prefer spicy or salty food to sweets.

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