Nissin Cup Noodle Pro vs. Regular Cup Noodle

A few days ago, on April 5th, 2021, Nissin started to sell Cup Noodle’s new subline, Cup Noodle Pro, and without delay, I bought the instant ramen at a 7-Eleven store for sampling.

Nissin Cup Noodle Pro 

Nissin Cup Noodle Pro Soy Sauce Flavor

Nissin Cup Noodle Pro is Japan’s first protein-enriched cup noodle with low calories and currently comes in only two flavors, the original Shoyu (soy sauce) and seafood.

But how does it differ from regular Cup Noodles? For that, I will give an overview of this product today.


Nissin Cup Noodle Pro Soy Sauce Flavor Contents

First, the contents of the Cup Noodle Pro look almost the same as its regular version. But the mystery meat or Nazo Niku (謎肉) contains higher protein than the original.


The cooking of the Cup Noodle Pro is just the same as its regular version; Pour boiling water, close the lid, and let the noodles steep for 3 minutes. That’s it.


Nissin Cup Noodle Pro High Protein Low Calorie Instant Ramen

Taste-wise, I didn’t find significant differences between the Cup Noodle Pro and the regular Soy Sauce flavor. But the high-protein Nazo Niku in this cup was denser and meatier.

Nutrition Facts/Calories

The Cup Noodle Pro Soy Sauce weighs 74 grams (Noodles: 60 g) and offers 274 kcal (Noodles and Garnishes: 236 kcal/ Broth: 38 kcal) per serving,

while the original Cup Noodle is 78 grams (Noodles: 65 g) and has 351 kcal (Noodles and Garnishes: 327 kcal/ Broth: 24 kcal).

To compare their specific nutrition facts, I list them in the table below.

Cup Noodle Pro (74g) vs. Regular Cup Noodle (78g)
 Calories 274 kcal 351 kcal
Protein 15.2 g 10.5 g
Fat 16.8 g 14.6 g
Carbohydrates 35.4 g 44.5 g
 – Sugars 15.3 g
– Dietary Fiber 20.1 g
Salt Equivalents 4.8 g 4.9 g
Vitamin B1 0.22 mg 0.19 mg
Vitamin B2 0.40 mg 0.32 mg
Calcium 105 mg 105 mg


Lastly, the manufacturer’s suggested retail price of the Cup Noodle Pro is 206 yen, while the original is 193 yen.

(Reference Pages: Nissin カップヌードルPRO, カップヌードル )


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