Maruchan Instant Wonton Soup Classic Soy Sauce Flavor

In countries other than Japan, the quintessential flavor of Maruchan’s instant wonton soup seems to be chicken, but it is the “Shoyu (しょうゆ)” or soy sauce flavor that Japanese people are most familiar with.

As you may know, Maruchan is the flagship brand of the leading Japanese food company Toyo Suisan, and its wonton soup has become one of the most loved instant food products in Japan.

In token of that, Maruchan has an official website dedicated to its wonton soup products, and among them, I like, what I introduce here, the “Hot Wonton” soup the most.

Maruchan Hot Wonton Soup Shoyu Flavor

Maruchan Hot Wonton Soup Soy Sauce Flavor

My favorite, Maruchan Hot Wonton Soup (Suggested Retail Price: 177 yen/ about 1.6 USD) has been around since 1973 and now grabbed the hearts of fans (including me) around the country. 


Maruchan Hot Wonton Soup Soy Sauce Flavor Contents

The cardboard cup comes with a packet of soup base powder and quite a few loose dried wonton dumplings, and the other garnish consists of bits of eggs, carrots, and Shiitake mushrooms.


The cooking of Maruchan Hot Wonton Soup is just as straightforward as that of Maruchan Akai Kitsune and Midori no Tanuki instant noodles; First, put the soup base powder into the cup and pour in boiling water. Then, close the lid and let the wonton dumplings steep for 3 minutes.


Maruchan Instant Wonton Soup Soy Sauce Flavor

Maruchan Wonton Soup Soy Sauce Flavor

Although the flavor is soy sauce, the taste is light and doesn’t linger on the tongue. But the umami of pork and vegetables supplements it and brings out the delicious taste. The wonton dumplings soak up the flavor of the soup well and have a nice, soft texture.

Ingredients and Nutrition Facts

Maruchan Hot Wonton Soup Soy Sauce Flavor Ingredients and Cooking Directions

Maruchan Hot Wonton Soup Soy Sauce Flavor Nutrition Facts Label

Lastly, here are the ingredients and nutrition facts labels. Based on that, the Maruchan Wonton Soup is seasoned mainly with salt, soy sauce, pork extract, green onion, and vegetable extract.

The calories per serving (46 grams) are 235 kcal (Garnishes including wonton: 196 kcal/ Broth: 39 kcal), and the Japanese instant wonton soup contains 4.2 grams of salt equivalents (Garnishes including wonton: 1.2 g/ Broth: 3.0 g).


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