Pachi Pachi Panic: Japanese Popping Candy with Ramune

Dagashi is the generic name for cheap, relatively small, unique Japanese snacks and candies whose price ranges from 10 yen (about 0.1 USD) to about 100 yen, and what I bought today for this blog article, “Pachi Pachi Panic (パチパチパニック)” from Meisan can fall into the category.

But I guess from some online research that the Dagashi may have its roots in a candy called “Pop Rocks” that was first introduced by General Foods in 1975. 

Pachi Pachi Panic Popping Crackling Candy from Meisan

Meisan Pachi Pachi Panic

As you can easily guess if you have tried the treat Pop Rocks before, Pachi Pachi Panic is a Japanese popping candy, which was debuted in 2007, much later than the release year of Pop Rocks.

Nonetheless, in Japan, there are few people who know Pop Rocks (simply because it can’t be found almost anywhere), but Pachi Pachi Panic has become a popular Dagashi among children. 

Pachi Pachi Panic Japanese Popping Candy with Ramune Tablets

Although Pachi Pachi Panic may have its roots outside of Japan, it’s a small, unique candy priced at 30 yen (about 0.3 USD), so it is usually regarded as a Dagashi.


The Japanese version of Pop Rocks, Pachi Pachi Panic is available in 3 flavors, cola, grape, and soda, and is like tiny crystals.

Since, inside of the candy pieces, pressurized carbon dioxide gas bubbles are embedded, as soon as the candy touches some liquid, it creates a small popping reaction and crackles.

Meiji Sangyo Pachi Pachi Panic Japanese Popping Candy

What is more, the fascinating and stimulating crystal candy bits come together with colorful Ramune tablets, which add a very Japanese taste to this product, making kids very excited.


Meisan Pachi Pachi Panic Popping Candy Ingredients and Nutrition Facts

Lastly, let’s see the ingredients of the popping candy Pachi Pachi Panic. Based on the label pictured above, the Japanese treat is made from sugar, starch syrup, milk sugar, starch, acidifier, emulsifier, colors, flavoring, and carbon dioxide gas.


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