Marumiya Hon Katsuo Furikake Rice Seasoning

Marumiya is a leading Japanese rice seasoning manufacturer and the rice condiments in its Furikake series have been a household staple for several decades in Japan. 

In the series, the top star is admittedly “Noritama (のりたま)“, but what I introduce here, the classic “Hon Katsuo (本かつお)” flavor also has a lot of fans.

Marumiya Hon Katsuo Bonito Flavor Furikake

Marumiya Hon Katsuo Furikake

In the Marumiya Furikake series, there are 2 rice seasonings using Katsuo, or the fish known as bonito or skipjack tuna in English, as the main ingredient, one is the Ajidouraku flavor and the other is this Hon Katsuo.

Marumiya Ajidouraku Furikake Rice Seasoning

While the Ajidouraku Furikake has such a nice balance between ingredients mainly consisting of bonito shavings, shredded nori, roasted sesame seeds, and eggs, 

Marumiya Hon Katsuo Furikake Flakes

the highlight of this Hon Katsuo Furikake is literally Hon Katsuo, in other words, the dried, smoked shavings of skipjack tuna, which is blended with dried nori seaweed shreds and roasted whole sesame seeds.

Marumiya Katuso Bonito Furikake

Seasoned with sweetened soy sauce, this Katsuo Furikake is not granules but flakes especially characterized by the crisp freshness and distinctive umami taste of bonito shavings, accented with the aromatic fragrance of nori. 

Marumiya Hon Katsuo Furikake Rice Seasoning

While I think the Ajidouraku Furikake is meant for everyone, I recommend this Hon Katsuo Furikake especially to those who want to really enjoy the authentic delicious flavor of Katsuobushi bonito shavings.

Ingredients and Nutrition Facts

Marumiya Hon Katsuo Furikake Ingredients and Nutirion Facts

Lastly, for your reference, here are the specific ingredients and nutrition facts of the Marumiya Hon Katsuo Furikake.


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