Tetris Gummies: Gummy Candy inspired by the Video Game

The other day when I went on an errand to a supermarket, in the snack and candy aisle, I ran across a large bag of gummies that I had never seen before.

And that product instantly captured my interest because it was inspired by a video game and looked interesting and fun. The product? here it is! as I grabbed one right after that.

Tetris Gummy from UHA Mikakuto 

UHA Mikakuto Tsumu Tetoris Gummy

As you can easily recognize from the name and drawings on the package front, this Japanese gummy candy is inspired by the retro video game Tetris, and its official name is “Tsumu Gummy Tetris (つむグミTETRIS)”. 

Tsumu Gummy Tetris is an official Tetris product from UHA Mikakuto and based on online sources the gummy candy was put on the market on April 12 of this year (2021). It is priced at 370 yen (about 3.4 USD) and contains as much as 180 grams of gummies.

 Tetris Gummy Blocks

In its name, “Tsumu Gummy (つむグミ)” means “gummy candy meant for stacking” and these gummies are actually designed after Tetris blocks or tetrominoes used in the game. The Tetris Gummi is a fruit gummy made up of 4 flavors, grape, muscat, orange, and strawberry.

Tetris Gummy Candy

These Tetris gummies have an orthodox gummy texture and taste quite good. But the best thing here is you can actually stack them up and play Tetris using the gummy blocks.

Ingredients and Nutrition Facts 

UHA Mikakuto Tetris Gummy Candy Ingredients

UHA Mikakuto Tetris Gummy Nutrition Facts Label

Lastly, for people who want to know the specific ingredients, nutrition facts, and calories of the UHA Mikakuto Tsumu Gummy Tetris, here are the labels.


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