Karaage Ramen: A Rare Variety of Ramen, Where to Eat

Together with ramen, Karaage is one of the foods Japanese people love most, which, based on my personal opinion, is almost synonymous with “Tori no Karaage (鶏の唐揚げ)” or chicken Karaage.

Karaage Ramen (からあげラーメン)

Karaage and ramen are both Japan’s favorite dishes, but I have never seen Karaage ramen on the menu of ramen restaurants before.

Nissin Cup Noodle Karaage Lemon Flavor

Nonetheless, (chicken) Karaage flavor instant ramen can be seen sold occasionally, as a limited time offer, and in fact, I did yesterday and bought that Nissin Cup Noodle Karaage Lemon Flavor instant ramen.

If you are not particular about details, Karaage ramen is actually very easy to prepare; yes, first make Tori no Karaage and your desired flavor of ramen separately, and just top the bowl of ramen with the fried chicken.

Karaage Ramen

But after that purchase, I was wondering where I can eat authentic Karaage ramen, so this time I researched that online.

Where to Eat

As a result, I found in Niigata “Shirahamaya (白浜屋)“, a ramen shop located in Sekiya, has Karaage ramen on the menu and “Ramen Izumi (ラーメン いずみ)” in the city of Midori, Gunma Prefecture, is famous for its Karaage ramen.

Nissin Cup Noodle Karaage Lemon Flavor Instant Ramen

That said, after all, Karaage ramen is a rare variety of ramen and can’t be found nearby, so I’m okay with this for now:)


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