What are Moyashikko and Negicco? from Moyashi and Negi

As you may already know, “Moyashi (モヤシ)” is the Japanese word for “bean sprouts”, while “Negi (ネギ)” means “green onion”. These are both long and thin vegetables, but what do you associate with them?

Moyashikko (もやしっ子)

Moyashi Bean Sprouts

Some people might associate Moyashi with a tall lanky teenager. Actually, in the Japanese language, there is a word that corresponds to that meaning, which is “Moyashikko (もやしっ子)”.


In Japanese, Moyashikko refers to bean sprouts-like tall and thin children who lack physical strength. This word is not a compliment but a kind of sarcasm, so be careful when you use it.

Negicco (ねぎっこ)

Negicco Idol Group from Niigata

But when Japanese people hear Negi, many would not think of such gangling children. Rather, the word will remind some, especially those living in Niigata Prefecture, of particular 3 young girls called “Negicco (ねぎっこ)”.

What is Negicco?

Actually, Negicco is a Niigata-based female idol group composed of 3 members, Nao, Megu, and Kaede. Originally, the group was created, in 2003, to promote Niigata’s local green onion, but now they have become quite well-known nationwide.


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