Lotte Koala no March Chocolate Filled Cookies

“Koala no March (コアラのマーチ)”, or Koala’s March is a chocolate-filled cookie (biscuit) snack produced and sold by Lotte. 

It is a long-selling product first released in Japan in 1984 and is now available in 10 countries, including the United States.

Lotte Koala no March (Koala’s March)

Lotte Koala no March

Koala no March is one of the sweet treats I used to eat as a kid, and today I bought it for the first time in a long time for this blog article.

Because of the easy-to-eat size and the lovely pictorial patterns of the koala, even now, these chocolate-filled cookies are favored by parents with children.

The regular Koala no March (50 grams) is sold for 100 yen or so at almost any supermarket and convenience store, and in Japan, the product also comes in a strawberry flavor.

Pictorial Patterns

Lotte Koala no March Pictorial Patterns

The illustrations of the koala are imprinted with caramel, and in total, there are as many as 365 pictorial patterns.

The pattern is periodically reviewed and updated in line with trends in society, and at present, even “AI コアラ (AI Koala)” and “ドローンコアラ (Drone Koala)” can be seen.

Lotte Koala no March Picture Book QR Code

The box of the Koala no March has a QR code on the side, using which you can visit the koala’s picture book on the official site.

Although there is a legend that very rare patterns exist, each picture is produced in the same quantity.

Chocolate-filled Cookies

On the backside of the snack, there is a tiny hole, through which the chocolate filling seems to be injected.

Lotte Koala no March Inside

The outer cookie part is nicely crispy, while the milk chocolate filling inside is moderately sweet, mild, and somewhat moist. And the perfect combination of the two creates a delight that everyone can enjoy.

Ingredients and Calories

Lotte Koala no March Ingredients

Lotte Koala no March Nutrition Facts Label

Lastly, let’s see the ingredients and nutrition facts. Based on the labels, with 266 kcal per box (50 grams), the Koala no March cookies mainly consist of wheat flour, vegetable oil, cacao mass, starch, shortening, milk sugar, whole milk powder, liquid egg, whey powder, skim milk powder, cream powder, salt, cocoa powder, and cocoa butter.

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