Kurozu Ninniku: Garlic Pickled in Black Rice Vinegar

I like pickles made of garlic marinated in a marinade made with soy sauce, which include what I picked up this time at a supermarket “Kurozu Ninniku (黒酢にんにく)”.

Kurozu Ninniku (黒酢にんにく)

Kurozu Ninniku

In its name, “Kurozu (黒酢)” means “black vinegar” produced from unpolished rice, while “Ninniku (にんにく)” is the word for “garlic”.

Kurozu fermentation and aging take a long time, but the resulting black vinegar is mild compared to regular rice vinegar and rich in amino acids.

Garlic marinated in Black Vinegar

In Japan, Kurozu is famous for its health benefits and comes in supplements.

Meanwhile, garlic is also well-known for its powerful medicinal properties and boosts the immune system.

Garlic pickled in Kurozu Vinegar

Kurozu Ninniku Garlic Pickled in Black Rice Vinegar

So I think these peeled garlic cloves pickled in the Kurozu vinegar sauce too are definitely healthy and packed with nutrients.

Kurozu Ninniku Pickles Ingredients and Nutrition Facts Label

According to the ingredient list on the back of the package, the marinade consists of soy sauce, sugar, salt, brewed vinegar, and black rice vinegar or Kurozu.

It is light-tasting but has a good balance between the seasonings and is not vinegary. 

Kurozu Ninniku Pickled Garlic

These pickled garlic cloves are well-seasoned but retain a pleasant crunchy texture. It is very tasty, and I think almost everyone can enjoy the taste.

Based on this Japanese recipe site, Kurozu Ninniku can be made just by infusing peeled whole garlic cloves in a jar of Kurozu vinegar for over 3 months (desirably for 4 months or more) at room temperature.


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