Otsumami: Kai-Himo Dried Scallop Snack

“Otsumami (おつまみ)” is the Japanese word that refers to finger foods and nibbles eaten with alcoholic drinks. 

Until now, I have introduced a variety of Otsumami, including Surume, Kamaboko, and Saketoba, but still, there are things to talk about it. 

Kai-Himo Dried Scallop Snack

Today, I bought a product called “Kai-Himo (貝ひも)”.

The snack has been around since a long time ago and now has become one of the common Otsumami favored by drinkers.

Kaihimo (貝ひも): Japanese Dried Scallop Snack

Kaihimo Dried Scallop String Otsumami

“Kai-Himo (貝ひも)”, literally meaning “shellfish string” in Japanese, is actually a dried scallop snack made from the mollusk’s internal organ called “mantle”.

Fresh raw scallop mantles can be eaten as they are and are sometimes enjoyed in the form of Sashimi in Japan.

Otsumami Kaihimo Dried Scallop Snacks

On the other hand, these dried strings of scallop mantles retain some moisture but have a tough crunchy texture. 

Nonetheless, the snack is packed with natural umami, and the more you chew on it, the tastier it becomes. 

Kai-Himo Dried Scallop Strings

These strings are “Yaki Kaihimo (焼き貝ひも)”, so they are grilled, lightly seasoned with sugar and salt, and dried.

The Otsumami has the perfect balance between sweet and savory and goes incredibly with sake and other alcoholic beverages!


Otsumami Kai-Himo Ingredients Nutrition Facts Calories Label

Lastly, for those who are curious about the ingredients in this dried scallop snack, here is the label.

According to that, these Kai-Himo strings mainly consist of scallop mantles, sugar, salt, dextrose, protein hydrolyzate, sorbitol, amino acid seasoning, alcohol, and acidifier.

(Reference Page: kissui.co.jp )


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