Umeboshi no Tane Ame Hard Candy from Nobel

“Umeboshi (梅干し) is a traditional Japanese food made of a plum fruit called “Ume (梅)”. The pickled plums are usually quite salty and sour and are a good match for white rice.

In general, Umeboshi is not deseeded, and the seed or “Tane (種)” remains inside.

The “Umeboshi no Tane (梅ぼしの種: Umeboshi’s Seed)” Ame I introduce here is actually a hard candy quite similar to an Umeboshi seed.

Umeboshi no Tane Ame (梅ぼしの種飴) from Nobel

Nobel Umeboshi no Tane Ame

The Umeboshi no Tane Ame hard candy is from Nobel. The product has been around for quite some time but this is the first time I try it.

This is because I couldn’t find it anywhere near my house until now. But the other day, I finally came across this at a 7 Eleven convenience store.


Umeboshi no Tane Ame Hard Candy

In the bag, there are 10 pieces of Umeboshi candy. These treats have an Umeboshi seed-like texture and are hard to break by teeth (I actually wasn’t able to do it). They are hard and rubbery.

Taste-wise, these candies are similar to the Otoko Ume Candy, but they are more like Umeboshi plums, not sweet at all. 

Umeboshi no Tane Ame vs Real Umeboshi Seed

The candies have almost the same size as an actual Umeboshi seed, and the taste also reminds me of a tart Umeboshi.

The acidity is not intense but because of the taste, I only recommend this to those who really like Umeboshi plums.


Nobel Umeboshi no Tane Ame Ingredients Nutrition Facts Calories

Lastly, according to the label on the back of the package, the main ingredients in the Nobel Umeboshi no Tane candy are starch, dextrin, salt, starch syrup, Ume flesh paste, vegetable oil, and powdered wafer.


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