Wagashi Gummies: Otabe Nama Yatsuhashi Gummy Candy

The other day, I found an interesting and appealing gummy candy named “Nama Yatsuhashi Gummy (生八つ橋グミ)” at a Welcia drugstore.

As you know, Nama Yatsuhashi is one of the Wagashi confections that represents Kyoto made by steaming a dough of rice flour, sugar, and cinnamon called “Nikki (ニッキ)”.

The steamed rice dough is usually folded in two, between which sweet red bean paste called Anko is often sandwiched.

Otabe Nama Yatsuhashi Wagashi Gummies from Creet

Wagashi Gummies Otabe Nama Yatsuhashi Gummy Candy from Creet

A number of confectionery makers have made the Wagashi Yatsuhashi for a long time in Kyoto.

Among those, “Shogoin Yatsuhashi (聖護院八ツ橋)”, “Honke Nishio Yatsuhashi (本家西尾八ツ橋)”, “Izutsu Yatsuhashi (井筒八ツ橋)”, and “Otabe (おたべ)” are especially famous.

Creet Otabe Nama Yatsuhashi Gummies

As you can see in the photo above, this gummy candy (Price: 198 yen/ about 1.7 USD) was created through a collaboration between the Japanese company “Creet (クリート)” and one of them “Otabe (おたべ)“.

Once I opened the package, a nice fragrance of cinnamon or Nikki instantly wafted out. In the bag, there are only 4 sets of Anko gummy and Nama Yatsuhashi-like gummy.

Otabe Nama Yatsuhashi Gummies from Creet

If you want to eat the gummies like you enjoy Nama Yatsuhashi, you need to wrap the Anko gummy by folding the yellowish gummy. 

The texture and taste of the square gummy are just like Nama Yatsuhashi, while the black Anko gummy also uses Koshi-An paste and makes the perfect pair with the wrapper.

Wagashi Gummies Creet Otabe Nama Yatsuhashi Gummy Candy

These Wagashi gummies fully capture the flavor and chewiness of Nama Yatsuhashi and are scrumptious!

In fact, according to this site, this treat has been featured by the media and seems to have gained wide popularity among young generations.


Creet Otabe Nama Yatsuhashi Gummy Candy Ingredients Nutrition Facts Calories Label

Lastly, for people who are curious about the ingredients of these Yatsuhashi Wagashi gummies, here is the label.

Based on that, the main ingredients in the yellowish square Nama Yatsuhashi gummy are starch syrup, sugar, gelatin, Kinako roasted soybean flour, and powdered wafer.

Meanwhile, the black Anko gummy candy mainly consists of starch syrup, sugar, Koshi-An paste, and powdered wafer.


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