Nissin Cup Noodle Roast Shoyu Flavor from the Heisei Era

Following the Pork Chowder Noodle from the Showa era (1926-1989), I tasted the other Roast Shoyu Flavor Cup Noodle from the Heisei era (1989-2019).

While the former was originally released in July 1983, the Cup Noodle Roast Shoyu went on the market in August 1991.

Cup Noodle Roast Shoyu Buta Hotate Dori

Nissin Cup Noodle Roast Shoyu Buta Hotate Dori

As I mentioned in the previous post, this is the first time I tried the “Roast Shoyu (ローストしょうゆ: roasted soy sauce)” Flavor Cup Noodle

In this cup, roasted soy sauce forms the base of the broth. The soup is special, where umami components from “Buta (ブタ: pork)”, “Hotate (ホタテ: scallop)”, and “Dori (ドリ: chicken) perfect the taste.


As with the Pork Chowder Noodle, this instant ramen has no accompanying packet or sachet.

The dehydrated garnishes in the cup consist of bok choy, seasoned eggs, seasoned pork, carrots, fish meat surimi, and cloud ear mushrooms. The food shaped like the adductor muscle of the scallop is the surimi.


The cooking of this Cup Noodle too is the same as usual; Pour boiling water, close the lid, and let the noodles steep for 3 minutes.


Nissin Cup Noodle Roast Shoyu Flavor Instant Ramen

I like this taste. The soup is something like the savorier version of regular Shoyu Cup Noodle. Also, the topping is generous and matches perfectly with the roasted soy sauce-based broth.

To me, this one is much better than the Pork Chowder Flavor Cup Noodle I tried last time.


Nissin Cup Noodle Roast Shoyu Buta Hotate Dori Ingredients

Lastly, according to the ingredient list on the lid, the soup base of the Cup Noodle Roast Shoyu Flavor consists of pork seasoning, powdered soy sauce, lard, sugars, spices, vegetable seasoning, flavoring, green onion powder, chicken seasoning, and scallop seasoning.


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