Bourbon’s long-selling Every Burger Chocolate Cookies

Bourbon is a leading Japanese company headquartered in Kashiwazaki, Niigata, making snacks and sweets. 

The maker was founded in 1924 and until now has been creating many hit products, which include these Every Burger chocolate cookies.

Bourbon Every Burger

Bourbon Every Burger Chocolate Biscuit

Bourbon Every Burger (Price: 128 yen/ about 1.1 USD) was released in 1985. 

As you can guess from its name, the snack is a biscuit or cookie shaped like a hamburger. It is a very small burger, but the detail is quite elaborate.

Bourbon Every Burger Biscuit

Because of their adorable appearance, these Every Burger cookies have been a long-time favorite of children in Japan. 

According to this article, the snack seems to have been renewed in March of this year (2021), and plenty of calcium was added to the biscuit dough.

How to Enjoy

Bourbon Every Burger Chocolate Cookies

The cookie is tasty enough as it is, but one recommended way of eating it is to cool it in the fridge in advance. By doing so, you can enjoy a different texture.

On the backside of the lid, there is a fun spot-the-difference puzzle, with which even coloring can be enjoyed.


Bourbon Every Burger Cookies

As for the snack itself, the bun part is topped with toasted sesame seeds, which add a nice crunch to the cookies. 

Meanwhile, the Hamburg steak-like chocolate is not overpowering and milky, pairs perfectly with the cookie parts associated with hamburger buns.

Ingredients and Nutrition Facts

Bourbon Every Burger Chocolate BIscuit Ingredients Nutrition Facts Calories Label

The ingredients and nutrition facts are listed on the back of the package.

According to that, the calories per box (66 grams) are 338 kcal, and these cookies contain 218 mg calcium in total.


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