Sato Shoyu Mochi: A Longtime Favorite Simple Mochi Dish

When it comes to mochi dishes, in addition to Oshiruko and Ozoni, Kinako Mochi, Isobe Yaki Mochi, and Sato Shoyu Mochi are classics often enjoyed during the wintertime in Japan.

As I talked about Kinako Mochi and Isobe Yaki Mochi before, this time I will introduce “砂糖醤油餅 (Sato Shoyu Mochi)” also pronounced as Sato Joyu Mochi.

Sato Shoyu Mochi (砂糖醤油餅)

Sugar Soy Sauce Mochi

Sato Shoyu Mochi is a long-time favorite of Japanese people. It is a simple mochi dish whose sauce is made from “Sato (砂糖)” or sugar and “Shoyu (醤油)” or soy sauce.

For its simpleness and deliciousness, the dish or snack is widely enjoyed in homes in the winter, together with Kinako Mochi and Isobe Yaki Mochi.


Sato Shoyu Mochi

The making is straightforward, and the sauce is usually a simple mixture of soy sauce and sugar, similar in taste to the glaze of Mitarashi Dango.  

This morning, I actually made a Sato Shoyu Mochi, and here I share the cooking process.

1 First, put a Kirimochi in the toaster oven and bake it at 230 degrees Celsius (446 degrees Fahrenheit) for about 5 minutes until it puffs up.
2 While toasting the mochi, put soy sauce on the small plate and add sugar.
3 Mix them well.
4 Sato Shoyu Mochi Coat the cooked mochi with the prepared sweet soy sauce and enjoy!

The ratio of sugar to soy sauce depends on your preference.

But for your reference, this popular recipe on uses three parts of soy sauce and two parts of sugar.


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