Kirin iMuse: Let’s Take Care of Immunity with this Drink

Since the omicron covid variant started to spread in Japan, I have been drinking a PET bottle of Kirin iMuse every day, together with the Meiji R1 yogurt drink.

These beverages actually both take care of immunity, and nowadays, I often see the commercial of the former on TV.

Kirin iMuse Drink

Kirin iMuse Lemon & Yogurt Drinks

My favorite, “iMuse (イミューズ)” is a functional beverage for immune health from Kirin that comes in lemon flavor and yogurt taste.

It now can be bought at almost any store, and drinking it once a day has already become my habit.


Kirin iMuse Lemon

The water contains 100 billion plasma lactic acid bacteria (L lactis strain plasma),

which work on the control tower of immunity “pDC (plasmacytoid dendritic cells)” and help a healthy person maintain immune functions.


Kirin iMuse Lemon & Yogurt Drinks Ingredients Nutrition Facts Calories Labels

Based on the label on the side of the bottle, the maker recommends drinking one bottle (500 ml) a day.

In terms of calories, iMuse Lemon (92 kcal per 500 ml) is much lower than iMuse Yogurt Taste (200 kcal per 500 ml).


Kirin iMuse Lemon Water for immune health

Taste-wise, I like the iMuse lemon water better. It is not overly sweet and tastes like a sports drink.

As this beverage is tasty and leaves a refreshing aftertaste, I’ll never get tired of the taste. 


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