Tohato Beano: Best Japanese Green Pea Snack Crisps

Tohato Beano almost always hits the spot when I crave snack crisps with different savoriness and texture than potato chips.

It is a Japanese green pea snack that’s been around since 1991, and I have loved it for a long time.

Tohato Beano 

Tohato Beano

Introduced in 1991 by Tohato, a Japanese confectionery company known for Caramel Corn,

Beano (ビーノ)” (Price: 110 yen or so/about 1 USD) has now become almost synonymous with “endo-mame (えんどう豆: green peas) snack” in Japan.


Tohato Beano Japanese Green Pea Crisps

Tohato Beano uses only green peas as its main ingredient. It is made by direct fire roasting, and its surface is slightly charred.

These crisps not only have umami from bonito, kombu, and chicken, but also protein and fibers are additionally added to them.


Beano comes in two regular flavors, “Umashio (うましお: umami-packed salt)” and “Norishio (のりしお: nori seaweed and salt)”.

But I have never seen the Norishio flavor being sold in stores and thus never tried it. Yes, this one is the Umashio flavor, which is my favorite.


Tohato Beano Green Pea Snack

These green pea crisps are lightly salted and loaded with umami.

Combined with direct fire roasting, they are delightfully savory and more delicious than you imagine.

Ingredients/Nutrition Facts

Tohato Beano Ingredients Nutrition Facts Calories Label

For your information, here is the backside of the bag, where specific ingredients and nutrition facts of the snack are listed.


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