Kimi no Misozuke: Simple & Tasty Miso-Pickled Egg Yolk

The other day, I found an interesting article online on Misozuke or miso-pickling, which uses egg yolk as the main ingredient, though I associate it with fish or vegetables.

The miso-pickled egg yolk called Kimi no Misozuke (黄身の味噌漬け) often appears in old recipe books, but today, we rarely eat it in everyday life.

Miso-Pickled Egg Yolk Kimi no Misozuke

Miso-Pickled Egg Yolk Kimi no Misozuke

I researched the dish, read several articles (like this and this), and found the making easy, which made me want to try it and led to this blog post.

Based on those sources, you can easily make Kimi (黄身: meaning egg yolk) no Misozuke with a hen’s egg and miso paste, and I prepared these.


Egg Yolk Miso-Zuke Ingredients

Although the miso I prepared is koji miso, which I happened to have on hand, you could have a better result with a blended one.

Now, let’s look at how I made the pickle while referring to the articles above. The process is actually pretty simple like this.

1 First, make a bed of miso with a depth of 1-2 cm in a food container.
2 Then, place a gauze cloth (or kitchen paper) on the miso.
3 After making a dent and putting the egg yolk in it, cling-wrap the container and refrigerate it for 2-4 days.
4 And this is the resulting miso-pickled egg yolk, which should be eaten within 3-4 days.

Taste/How to Enjoy

Kimi no Misozuke on RIce

The Kimi no Misozuke egg yolk goes perfectly on a warm bowl of white rice or with sake as an Otsumami.

Well-dehydrated on the miso and soaking up its flavor, the cured egg yolk had the perfect moisture level and was tastier than expected.


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