Gyuhi vs. Mochi vs. Mochi Ice Cream

Summer is nearly upon us, and it is the season everyone wants ice cream as a refreshment.

In Japan, mochi ice cream has been a long-time favorite, loved by all ages. It is unique, and nowadays, the Japanese confection is fairly well-recognized overseas.

Gyuhi vs. Mochi vs. Mochi Ice Cream

But do you know the dough used for the sweet is different from regular mochi made from glutinous rice that’s been steamed and pounded? 

Gyuhi (求肥)

Gyuhi Kibi-Dango

The mochi-like dough is actually an essential ingredient for Wagashi called Gyuhi, used in various Japanese sweets such as Kibidango.

Gyuhi consists of Shiratamako or Mochiko glutinous rice flour heated and kneaded with sugar and starch syrup and is quite similar to mochi in texture.

Mochi (餅)


As mentioned above, mochi is originally a rice cake made from glutinous rice that’s been steamed and pounded.

But it can also refer to food with a mochi-like chewy texture, and a representative example is Gyuhi.

Mochi Ice Cream 

Mochi Ice Cream using Gyuhi

So, strictly speaking, the Japanese mochi ice cream usually uses a thin layer of Gyuhi for the dough.

The confection comes in various flavors and varieties, but Japan’s most-loved is the vanilla-flavored Yukimi Daifuku (雪見だいふく) from Lotte.

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