Pudding Kit Kat Chocolate Bars Eaten Baked

I came across newly released Kit Kat Mini bars that drew my interest when I went shopping at a Welcia drugstore several days ago.

Those products had unique features; one had a Pudding flavor eaten baked, while the other was a Cookies & Cream flavor served frozen. 

At first glance, the Kit Kat chocolates made me want to try them, and as they looked like limited-time offers, I had to grab them at the time.

Kit Kat Mini Pudding Flavor Chocolate

Kit Kat Mini Pudding Flavor

And here is the Pudding flavor Kit Kat, which I enjoyed today. In the package, there are 11 packs of Kit Kat Mini bars.

Japanese Kit Kat Pudding Flavor Chocolate Bar

Based on the description on the packaging, the chocolate bar recreates the taste of the pudding, mainly using custard pudding flavoring.

Pudding Kit Kat

As you can see in the photo, the inside consists of layers of wafers, as usual, filled with cream. The taste was not bad, but I didn’t think it was close to the pudding.

So next, I baked these Pudding Kit Kat bars in the toaster oven (for 2-3 minutes at 250 degrees Celcius), following the instructions on the backside of the package.

As the direction recommends cooling down the toasted bars in the fridge, I did it, and here are the finished ones.

After being baked, the chocolate bars became brown and partially took on a crispy texture like cookies. They also got savoriness and were more pleasant to the taste buds than the original!

Kit Kat Mini Pudding Flavor Ingredients Nutrition Facts Calories Label


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