Kit Kat Cookies & Cream Chocolate Eaten Frozen

While baking is a brilliant way of making some Kit Kat bars, including the Pudding, savory and more flavorful,

freezing may be one of the best tips to make every flavor, including this Cookies & Cream, have a more pleasant texture.

Kit Kat Mini Cookies and Cream

Kit Kat Cookies & Cream

In fact, the text on the package front 凍らせておいしい says that freezing makes this Cookies & Cream Kit Kat chocolate delicious.

So as I wanted to know how good the frozen Kit Kat was, I put several pieces in the freezer yesterday after sampling the baked Pudding Kit Kat.

Unichilled Kit Kat Cookies & Cream

And today, I will compare the before and after. First, here is the unchilled Kit Kat Cookies & Cream.

This chocolate bar contains 2.0 percent of cookies and 0.3 percent of cream powder, and the milky taste reminds me of the ice cream version. 

Frozen Kit Kat Cookies & Cream Chocolate Bars

Next, here is the frozen one. At first glance, there is almost no difference in appearance between the two.

But as you can guess from the broken sections, these frozen Kit Kat bars are crisper and snapped more beautifully.

Chilled Kit Kat Cookies & Cream

And texture-wise, I prefer the latter, which makes me think that freezing Kit Kats would work well during the summertime.

But as far as the taste is concerned, the opinion would depend on each person’s preference. I felt freezing made the taste vague because of the cold temperature.

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