Silky Cola: A Variant of Calpis Soda

Calpis is a Japanese company known for its probiotic drink named Calpis or Calpico, which comes in many forms, and its soda varieties have the name Calpis Soda. 

When I shopped at a supermarket today, I found a new addition named Silky Cola (シルキーコーラ) from the Soda series, which piqued my interest, and I decided to sample it.

Calpis Silky Cola

Calpis Silky Cola Soda Drink

Based on this announcement by Asahi Soft Drinks (which sells Calpis drinks), the variant of Calpis Soda, Silky Cola, is a limited-time flavor released on August 30 (2022).

In its name, Silky comes from fine bubbles of carbon dioxide generated in the drink, which is somewhat intense compared to regular Calpis Soda.

Silky Cola a variant of Calpis Soda

This Calpis uses carefully selected spices to produce a cola flavor and retains its original milky-white color. It is not like a cola drink, but I could find the taste.

It may be difficult for people overseas to get this product, but you could make one similar to it by diluting Calpis concentrate with a cola drink. 

Calpis Soda Silky Cola

Based on my research, the cola-added Calpis was once called Cupid, which used to be a standard menu in the Kissaten (喫茶店) cafe restaurants. 

As seen in this article, unlike Silky Cola, a Cupid, after mixed, looks like a cafe au lait. I have never tried Calpis Cola like that, but thanks to this product, I could learn a lot about it. 

Calpis Silky Cola Soda Drink Ingredients


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