Nissin Cup Noodle Super Combined Flavors

Nissin Japan sometimes creates quirky Cup Noodles not seen abroad, like these Matcha Green Tea and Cheese Fondue flavors.

And this time, they have combined existing popular flavors oddly.

Cup Noodle Super Combined Series

Nissin Cup Noodle Super Gattai Series Combined Flavors

It is the second time that Nissin has come out with this Super Gattai (合体: Combined) Series. This time, the released combined flavors are

  • European Cheese Curry & Miso
  • Chili Tomato & Tom Yum Kung 
  • Seafood & Regular Cup Noodle Soy Sauce
  • Karamen & Garlic Tonkotsu

Nissin Cup Noodle Super Combined European Cheese Curry & Miso 2

The other day, I picked up the Miso Curry and Spicy Garlic Tonkotsu Cup Noodles at a Lawson convenience store and tried them today.

Who would come up with the idea but Nissin of combining two different Cup Noodles? But these combinations were both pretty good!

Nissin Cup Noodle Super Combined Karamen Plus Garlic Tonkotsu 2

To recreate these, I wouldn’t mix two Cup Noodles but would add miso and gochujang directly to the European Cheese Curry and Tonkotsu Cup Noodles.

I can’t guarantee those results, but I can recommend making Seafood Cup Noodles with milk. I tried the method before, which worked very well!

Nissin Cup Noodles Milk Seafood


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