Nissin Cup Noodle Gyoza (Potsticker) Flavor

Following the Super Combined flavors, today, I came across another Nissin Cup Noodle that I had never tried before at a 7-Eleven store, which had a Gyoza flavor and captured my interest.

Nissin Cup Noodle Gyoza

Nissin Cup Noodle Gyoza

Gyoza (餃子) is a pot sticker or the Japanese take on the Chinese dumpling called Jiaozi. The food typically contains ground pork, cabbage, Asian chive, grated garlic, and umami-packed meat juice fills its inside.

This Cup Noodle Big appears to recreate that juicy inside in its soup, and the pictured description says this noodle soup goes well with white rice. 


Cup Noodle Gyoza Contents

So the garnish consists of seasoned pork mince, cabbage, and Asian chive, and this cup accompanies a flavor sachet of Gyoza no Tare (餃子のタレ) sauce to make it more like Gyoza.


The cooking is not that complicated. After pouring hot water and waiting for three minutes, add the Gyoza no Tare sauce and give it all a good stir. That’s it.


Nissin Cup Noodle Gyoza Potsticker Ramen

The ramen was much more delicious than I expected. Once I took the first bite, the aroma of garlic and chive spread all over my mouth, and the pork’s umami delighted my taste buds.

Nissin Cup Noodle Gyoza Flavor Instant Ramen

The Gyoza no Tare sauce put together all those flavors and reminded me of the moment I eat actual potstickers.


Nissin Cup Noodle Gyoza Pot Sticker Flavor Ingredients

As you may know, Gyoza is one of the best matches for ramen. But this cup makes the pair into one, making you enjoy the two dishes simultaneously in a quirky way.

Nissin Cup Noodle Gyoza Pot Sticker Flavor Nutrition Facts Label


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