Umeshiba: KariKari Ume Pickled Plum from Muraoka

Muraoka Foods (村岡食品) is a Gunma, Maebashi-based food company known for its pickle snacks.

The maker produces and sells unique treats, unlike any other, which include Chorogi, Gonjiri, and this Umeshiba (梅しば). 

Umeshiba (梅しば) from Muraoka Foods

Muraoka Food Umeshiba

Muraoka’s Umeshiba (Amount: 110 grams/ Price: 324 yen) is a KariKari Ume (カリカリ梅) or a pickled plum that is different from Umeboshi.

According to the info on the official site, Shiba (しば) in its name comes from Shibazuke (しば漬け), a variety of Tsukemono, and Umeshiba has its flavor.

Umeshiba Kari Kari Ume Plum

The pickled plum features its pleasant Kari Kari (カリカリ: crunchy) texture, but the inside (non-deseeded) is juicy and refreshing with the right salty-sour taste.

I think it is an acquired taste, and if you are not used to eating Umeboshi, this might not be for you.

However, the taste is very Japanese/unique to Japan, going well with green tea, and it’s worth trying many times!

Ingredients/Nutrition Facts

Muraoka Umeshiba Pickled Plum Ingredients Nutrition Facts Label

Ume plum, Pickling liquid (Ume vinegar, Brewed vinegar, High-fructose corn syrup, Salt, Fermented seasoning), Sorbitol, Alcohol, Seasoning (including Amino Acid), Acidifier, Flavoring, Color (Red 102)

Nutritional Values

Nutritional Values per 100 Grams (Edible Parts)
Calories 39 kcal
Protein 1.1 g
Fat 0.1 g
Carbohydrates 8.5 g
Salt equivalents 6.6 g


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