Nagatanien Ramen Chazuke: Ochazuke Soup Base

Nagatanien (永谷園) is a Japanese food maker whose main products are Ochazuke Nori and Furikake, which are essential to our meals.

Those rice seasonings have been evolving year by year, and the other day, I found this Ochazuke soup base named Ramen Chazuke (ラーメン茶づけ) at a Welcia drugstore that I had never tried before.

Ramen Chazuke (ラーメン茶づけ)

Nagatanien Ramen Chazuke

Nagatanien Ramen Chazuke is an Ochazuke soup base with which you can enjoy rice in a delicious ramen broth, and the store stocked these two flavors, Seafood Tonkotsu (魚介豚骨) and Spicy Tantanmen (ピリ辛坦々麺).  

With this seasoning mix, you can instantly make a ramen-flavored Ochazuke rice soup just by pouring boiling water.


Nagatanien Ramen Chazuke Seafood Tonkotsu Flavor Contents

Today, I tried the Seafood Tonkotsu flavor (with two Ochazuke seasoning packets inside, priced at 158 yen) and made the Chazuke following the directions on the package.

The cooking is simple, and all you have to do are only these two steps. (All you need to prepare are a packet of the seasoning mix, a bowl of 100 grams of white rice, and 150 ml of hot water).

1 Nagatanien Ramen Chazuke Cooking Instructions 1 First, sprinkle the seasoning mix on the bowl.
2 Nagatanien Ramen Chazuke Cooking Instructions 2 Then, pour the hot water. That’s it!


Nagatanien Ramen Chazuke Rice Soup

The taste is pretty good, so at least it won’t disappoint you. But the pork bone broth is light-tasting and not that of ramen but like a cross between regular Ochazuke and Tonkotsu broth.

Therefore, it may be possible to make one close to it by combining leftover ramen broth with the regular Ochazuke soup base, though I don’t dare to recommend the method.

Nagatanien Ramen Chazuke Ingredients Nutrition Facts Label


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